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Global innovation – Made in Germany, in use around the world

Rosenheim – Due to increased demand for floors with high impact absorption on one hand, and the highest possible mobility on the other, the German-Australian duo HARO Sports Flooring and Rebound Ace® has now come up with a truly global innovation: HARO Rom Tennis is the first fully mobile tennis court in the world. Hamberger provides the HARO Sports Rom mobile floor and Rebound Ace® refines it with its tried, tested and proven acrylic top coat. The first fully mobile tennis floor in the world celebrated its debut in March 2011 at the “Nike® Clash of the Champions” show tournament with tennis giants such as Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in Oregon, USA.


HARO Rom Tennis combines the best of two worlds: HARO Sports Flooring, one of the leading manufacturers of mobile and permanently installed elastic surface sports floors, provides the technical substructure, and Rebound Ace®, proven provider of acrylic-based sports floors, refines the floor with its acrylic top coat. Optimum sports physiological properties and the highest quality standards in acc. with ISO 9001 make HARO Rom Tennis a top player in the world rankings. The floor also meets DIN V 18032-2; April 2001 and EN 14904, and can therefore be used for Olympic Games, continent and world championships.


Mobile and flexible
With an area of 800 m², the floor can be set up in just three hours and dismantled again in even less – a flexibility that is indispensable for intensive hall use in today’s sports and events world. The high quality of the basic structure and finish ensure that the Rom Tennis can be set up and taken down hundreds of times. Sponsor or organiser logos can be printed on the Rebound Ace® acrylic top coat for the players’ and sponsors’ optimum performance.


First European ATP use in Salzburg
After the new revolutionary tennis coat had been created in Rosenheim, where Hamberger Flooring has its headquarters, it then went into use for the first time under real competition conditions at the ATP Salzburg Indoors in Austria. The coat was applied in 48 hours by a Andy Kemmerer, Rebound Ace Europe, in the Salzburg arena. Austria’s number two, Andreas Haider-Maurer, was one of the first to test the court. The feedback on the joint-friendly coat is superb. Some players will be happy twice over: the coat’s absorption and attenuation ensures relief for the back.


Sustainable production
The wood for the Rom Tennis substructure comes from sustainably managed forests and therefore has the 100% PEFC seal of approval. And of course it’s all sustainable “down under there” too: Nike® Grind™, a Nike® Corporation division, provides an insulation underlay on request, which consists of 100% recycled materials.


Hamberger provides the HARO Sports Rom mobile floor and Rebound Ace® “refines” it with a tried, tested and proven acrylic top coat (1st layer) ...


… and now for the second.

HARO Rom Tennis goes mobile: the floor can be set up in just three hours and dismantled again in even less.

Premiere for the innovative sports floor at the "Nike® Clash of the Champions"


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