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Sports floorings

Of all the factors important for sport, the flooring has the most important role, for both professional and recreational athletes who strive for success.

The demands on sports floorings are great and varied, but the fundamental advantages of a good sports flooring are the prevention of injury and greater athletic performance.

The most frequent injuries are not directly related to a sport. Damage to bones, joints, ligaments and muscles are often caused by the unsuitable physiological attributes of the flooring. Professional athletes and instructors, children in intensive training, and recreational athletes are all prone to these kinds of injuries. That is why the floorings in athletic arenas and school gyms have to satisfy a wide range of functional requirements.

To satisfy these requirements, a great deal of time, effort and money goes into the development and production of sports floorings – because a sports flooring is the most demanding and most complicated construction solution for floors.

The selection of the appropriate sports flooring has far-reaching consequences and it is not part of the daily routine of the designed. So contact us before designing your athletic facility and profit from our experience.

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