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Disano Mono

HARO Protect Pro DISANO Mono

Suitable for meeting places

Architects, clients and users are absolutely on the safe side with HARO. The compliance with all relevant norms goes far beyond the sports range.Our protective wall HARO PROTECT Pro plywood shows that perfection can also look good. The wood cladding made of plywood and special décor foil is no different to veneers, but considerably cheaper. Thanks to the visible bolt it is easy to replace individual panels.

  • Area-elastic protective wall
  • Sports- and multi-usage
  • Plywood with décor covering


Installation on an even wall acc. to DIN 18202, 1997-04, table 3  
Subconstruction up to 750 mm
Double elastic girders 80 mm
Wall cladding 15 mm
Construction height 95 mm – 800 mm


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