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HARO Protect Pro PLANK

Fire safe thanks to steel subconstruction

In comparison to plywood subconstructions, all models of the HARO PROTECT Pro series with patented steel subconstruction also meet fire safety restrictions of the public assembly regulations. Especially for operators of multi purpose sport halls, this a crucial argument. Despite a low initial investment price HARO PROTECT Pro Spruce achieves best scores in shock absorption and ball throwing safety.

  • Area-elastic protective wall
  • Sports- and multi-usage
  • Nordic Spruce
  • Length: approx. 2 m to 5 m
  • Tapered edge chamfered with 5 mm


Installation on an even wall acc. to DIN 18202, 1997-04, table 3  
Subconstruction up to 750 mm
Double elastic girders 65 mm
Wall cladding 18 mm
Construction height 83 mm – 800 mm


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