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Should your hall become unique?

For those who are not only looking for a functional but also an aesthetically coated surface, HARO PROTECT Pro Celenio is the right choice.Celenio combines the assets of wood with the visual appearance of stone – fascinating elegance from the outside and tough on the inside.The steel subconstruction also ensures optimal fire safety. With four surfaces and covered bolts the protective wall is well worth to put on an appearance.

  • Area-elastic protective wall
  • Sports- and multi-usage
  • Celenio wall cladding
  • Single element 526 x 350 mm
  • Double element 1052 x 350 mm
  • (appearance like single)


Installation on an even wall acc. to DIN 18202, 1997-04, table 3  
Subconstruction up to 750 mm
Double elastic girders 80 mm
Wall cladding 17 mm
Construction height 97 mm – 800 mm



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