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From the very beginning our company has offered more. With HARO quality, engineering expertise, and many years of experience, we monitor your requirements from the design phase through deliver and installation to maintenance and cleaning during routine use.
Simply: a wide offer and complete service.


  • Distinguished by their characteristics for complex, energetic, athletic movement - prevent injuries of the locomotor system of athletes (muscles, bones, joints, ligaments and tendons).
  • Outstanding resistance to wear - unique PERMADUR finish, cheaper maintenance.
  • Dimensional stability - greater resistance to changes in relative humidity.
  • Standardized production - ensures uniform characteristics over the entire surface of the floor.
  • Modular production technology - uniform quality in all athletic halls, quick and simple installation.
  • Pre-finished products – easy installation without improvisation at the construction site.
  • Reliable German quality - regular supervision of production andtrustworthycertificates.
  • Wide range of models - multi-purpose arenas, skating rinks, tennis, fitness, squash, street basketball.
  • Tradition and reputation - a manufacturer whose quality is established by the globally recognized DIN 18032:2 for sports floorings.
  • Name - HARO's more than 8,000 locations around the world of sport says it all.
Stroj za održavanje sportskih podova Stroj za održavanje sportskih podova za suhi i mokri postupak čišćenja
velik radni učinak
mala potrošnja sredstva za čišćenje
manualni pogon
jednostavno rukovanje
Podni poklopac (elektro šaht) Podni poklopac (elektro šaht) mjera 340 x340 mm ili 340 x220 mm
za pristup elektro kutiji (elektro napajanju) u podu.
Podni poklopaci Podni poklopaci Drveni poklopac promjera 128 mm ili promjera 178 mm
sa gumenom brtvom i mjedenim prstenom za prodor sportskih sprava kroz sp. pod.
Iscrtavanje linija Posebne PU dvokomponente boje prema RAL karti
otporne na habanje
Aluminijski trodjelni dilatacioni profil (prag) Aluminijski trodjelni dilatacioni profil (prag) mjere 40+25+40 mm
na sastavima različitih podnih površina

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